October 9, 2020

Are You Haunted by Noisy Garage Doors?

Door Pros Will Exorcise Those Demons!

The team at Door Pros loves everything about Halloween—especially haunted houses with spooky sound effects that send chills up our spines.

Here’s what we don’t love: Homeowners who are unnecessarily haunted by garage doors that bang, rattle or make some other eerie sound! Garage door noises aren’t just creepy and annoying. They’re also audible signals that your garage door is on the fritz and in need of our outstanding garage door repairs in Rancho Mirage or wherever you call home.

Here are some of the weird noises your garage door might make and what ghosts could be at work:

  1. Banging. This could indicate your garage door is out of balance.
  2. Rattling. There are several reasons for this clamor, including loose nuts or bolts, improper installation, unbalanced doors or poor lubrication.
  3. Scraping. This sound is yet another sign that your door is unbalanced.
  4. Squeaking. Your door could have a loose roller or hinge. It also might be unbalanced or need lubrication.
  5. Rubbing. The tracks on your garage door may be bent, too tight or jammed.
  6. Grinding. Possible causes of grinding sounds are a loose roller or hinge, poor lubrication, improper installation or a stripped out opener gear or trolley.
  7. Slapping. Your door chain is probably loose.
  8. Vibrating. The problem here could be poor lubrication on the rollers or loose nuts or bolts.
  9. Squealing. This is another noise that occurs when your door needs lubrication or it hasn’t been installed properly.
  10. Popping. When you hear popping sounds, it usually means your torsion springs are out of whack. Torsion springs are the tightly coiled springs usually mounted horizontally above the door’s opening. They are attached to cables and help your door open and close.
  11. Howling. If your garage door is exceptionally loud when you open or close it, you might need more insulation or soundproofing material in your garage.

Our technicians are the best in the business. We have decades of experience diagnosing and fixing your garage door problems. You deserve garage doors that operate quietly, smoothly and reliably. We will make that happen—quickly and affordably! We’re also the experts you can rely on for all of your interior and exterior door challenges, including sliding glass door repairs in La Quinta and entry door services in Palm Springs.

Here’s something else to keep in mind: When choosing a new garage door, many homeowners focus on the quality and style of the door. And those are important factors. But it’s also extremely important to choose a garage door installation company with the training and experience to install your garage door seamlessly. As you can see from our list, an improperly installed or unbalanced garage door can really raise a racket. Choose the team that knows doors—inside and out! That’s Door Pros!

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