January 12, 2024

Emerging Garage Door Technology: Openers, WiFi, & More

In recent years, the garage door industry has experienced significant technological advancements — transforming the way we interact with and perceive garage doors. As such, there are a wide array of new features and improvements enhancing the way we use and interact with garage doors.

If you’re planning to install a new garage door in the near future and want to learn more about what modern advancements have emerged and are on the horizon, here’s a look at four garage door technologies you can look forward to!

Smart Technology Integration

The integration of smart technology has become a focal point of garage door technology, allowing homeowners to control their doors remotely with voice commands or through mobile apps. Smart garage doors — equipped with wireless wall consoles — enable users to open and close the garage door remotely, providing both convenience and security.

This integration extends beyond mere functionality, as new garage doors can now seamlessly connect with other smart home devices, which fosters a more cohesive and efficient home automation system. As homeowners continue to prioritize smart home features, the garage door industry continues to evolve in turn to keep up with various trends.

More Security Features

Security features in garage door technology have become a top priority for homeowners who desire peace of mind and more advanced protection. As such, many modern doors boast advanced safety features, including encrypted communication between garage door openers and the door itself — making it more difficult for unauthorized access. 

Additionally, some garage door companies offer integrated cameras and motion sensors, providing real-time monitoring and alerts for added security. As technological advancements in security continue to march forward, homeowners can rest assured that their garage doors are equipped with the latest innovations to safeguard their property and loved ones.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has emerged as a significant consideration in the design and functionality of garage doors. As such, insulated garage doors play a pivotal role in reducing energy costs by maintaining a consistent temperature within the garage. The insulation helps regulate the temperature, preventing heat loss in colder months and keeping the space cool in warmer weather. 

Homeowners who care about energy efficiency will find that these insulated garage doors contribute not only to a more comfortable garage environment but also to lower overall energy costs. As the garage door industry places a heightened focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, the integration of energy-efficient technologies becomes a standard offering for those seeking a greener and more cost-effective solution.

Solar Garage Doors?

Advancements in solar garage doors mark a groundbreaking stride towards sustainability. A solar garage door is equipped with integrated solar panels that harness the power of the sun to generate electricity for various garage door functions. These doors not only contribute to reducing the environmental impact but also offer a practical way to lower energy costs.

Homeowners can benefit from the dual advantages of renewable energy and reduced electricity bills, making solar garage doors an appealing choice for those looking to embrace sustainable living. The aesthetic appeal of solar garage doors — combined with their energy-producing capabilities — positions them as a forward-thinking option in the garage door industry that aligns with the growing demand for environmentally conscious home technologies.

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