One receptor eye of a garage door safety sensor that stops action if the beam is crossed

April 15, 2024

Garage Door Safety Tips for Homeowners

When it comes to home maintenance and security checklists, the garage door is often overlooked. If you want to keep your garage and the rest of your home safe from break-ins and burglars when you are leaving for an extended period of time, there are several important things you should keep in mind. Let’s take a look at a few tips you can follow so that you can have confidence that your garage door is secure while you are away.

Garage Door Opener Wall Console 

Look carefully at your garage door opener wall console — many newer opener systems have a lock feature on them. This feature is convenient to use and locks out the handheld radio controls, the digital keyless entry pad if present, and any vehicle that may be programmed to operate the garage door with a radio signal. This lockout feature is easy to use and is self-explanatory.

Some are electronic and require that you push and hold a button until a signal light is seen; others are simple switches with an on/off position. Once the lock is activated, you may close the door once using any remote control device. After that, the remote controls will not activate the door until you reset the lockout to the off position.

Wireless Garage Door Opener 

Some newer garage door openers offer smartphone compatibility. With this type of system, you can control and monitor the position of your garage door from anywhere and operate it remotely. 

This allows you to let a contractor, a delivery service, or anyone else you may wish to enter the garage. Once they leave, you can check to be sure the garage door has been securely closed. Couple this with the built-in security camera on some of the openers, and you’ll be totally comfortable with your garage being closed from anywhere. If your opener does not have these features, we can upgrade it today!

Use a Locking Device 

Some homeowners out there need a little extra security for their comfort and peace of mind. In these cases, if a locking device is present on the garage door, you may use it to physically secure the door in the closed position. There are two typical types of locking devices for garage doors. One is on the inside only and is often located on one side of the door — sometimes referred to as a rail or track lock. With this type of lock, you simply push the bar through a hole in the garage door, tracking to provide a physical lockdown.

The second type is a through lock with a handle and key cylinder on the outside of the door and a double lock bar on the inside of the door. With this type, you normally have to turn a handle to extend the bars through the track on each side of the door. The bars are held in place by a deadbolt that can be opened by a key from outside and with a release button from inside. The downside to either of these physical lock options is that your garage door system can be damaged if operated while engaged.

Should You Simply Unplug Your Garage Door Opener System? 

If your garage door opener system does not have the controller lock feature or if you are not comfortable with the door being secure with the lock feature engaged, you may consider securing the garage door by unplugging the opener from the outlet. No power, no operation, right? 

However, you shouldn’t do this to begin with. Since 2019, Senate Bill 969 has required all garage doors In California to be equipped with battery backup. This means that if you were to unplug the opener, it would still operate, and you would probably come home to a beeping dead battery. If you have an older opener, this may still be an option; it’s simple and can be secure.

Need an Upgrade?

If you feel your garage door is lacking in security, Door Pros can help. Our team can upgrade your garage door system and install the latest security features. We offer openers with motion lights, security cameras, and garage door position detection.

In addition, we also provide professional garage door repairs, complete replacements and services specifically for garage door openers

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