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Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage Door Cable Repair in Palm Desert, CA & the Coachella Valley

Garage doors typically rely on a system of cables, including extension and torsion cables, to facilitate the opening and closing mechanism. However, when a garage door cable breaks, it can significantly impede its normal operation.

Should this ever happen, the Door Pros team will be there to help resolve the problem. No matter what caused your cables to snap or loosen, our skilled technicians have what it takes to safely and efficiently restore normalcy to your system.

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Signs That Your Garage Door Cable Needs to Be Fixed

It Fails to Open or Close

Garage door cables work in tandem with the springs and the garage door opener. This means that when a cable breaks, the garage door loses its balance, causing a disruption in the smooth operation. Broken cables can prevent the garage door from opening or closing properly, leading to inconvenience and potential safety hazards. To address this issue, it’s best to schedule garage door cable repairs as soon as you can. 

It Can’t Stay Open

When a garage door struggles to stay open, several potential issues can be the cause — some of which involve the cables. This problem can occur when the cables are loose and not taut, affecting the tension needed to keep the door in an open position. The tension in the cables is vital for the proper functioning of the garage door, and when these cables are not adequately tensioned, the door may experience difficulty staying open.

Adjusting the tension requires specialized knowledge and the correct tools, which is where our professional garage door cable repair services can help. The professional technicians at Door Pros can inspect the cables, identify the problem, and adjust the tension to ensure the garage door functions smoothly and stays open as intended.

The Door Is Uneven

A garage door becoming uneven and misaligned is a common issue that necessitates prompt garage door repair. This problem often occurs when the cables connected to the door’s lifting mechanism are not functioning correctly. The cables may become worn out, resulting in an uneven distribution of tension and causing the garage door to become misaligned. 

Attempting to force the door closed in such a situation can lead to further damage to the cables, springs, or other components. To address this issue, homeowners should schedule garage door repair to inspect and replace the damaged cables. Professional technicians have the expertise to identify the root cause of the misalignment and take appropriate measures, such as replacing the cables or making necessary adjustments, to restore the garage door to its proper alignment.

It Creates Strange Sounds

When garage door cables become damaged or loose, they can give rise to strange sounds during the door’s movement. In extension spring systems, the cables run along the horizontal tracks on either side of the door and are connected to the bottom brackets. If these extension cables become damaged or loose, they may cause erratic movements, leading to unusual noises. 

On the other hand, torsion spring systems employ tightly wound torsion springs mounted horizontally above the door opening. The cables in these systems, often referred to as torsion spring cables, are attached to the bottom brackets as well. If these cables are damaged or become loose, they can result in uneven tension distribution — causing the door to operate unevenly and generate peculiar sounds.

If Your Garage Door Cable Is Broken, It’s Safer to Call a Professional

When your garage door cable becomes loose or breaks, seeking professional assistance for repairs is vital for both safety and achieving an effective resolution. A broken garage door cable is a serious issue that can pose significant risks if not addressed promptly. For example, when a cable breaks, it can snap with force and cause the garage door to drop unexpectedly. This sudden movement can result in injuries or damage to property.

You should refrain from attempting DIY repairs in such situations, as dealing with broken cables, springs, or other components requires specialized knowledge and skills. At Door Pros, our professional garage door technicians are equipped with the expertise to safely replace the broken cable — ensuring that the garage door functions correctly and preventing further damage or accidents.

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