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Are your garage doors functioning properly? If not, then we’ll be happy to perform an inspection and tune-up! At Door Pros, we offer professional garage door maintenance services so that you can keep your doors safe and in top shape.

There are many problems that can go wrong with garage doors, and our technicians are trained to spot and resolve these issues during maintenance. Reach out today to schedule maintenance for your doors!

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Four Major Ways That Garage Door Maintenance Can Improve Your System

Improved Performance

Regular garage door maintenance plays a central role in enhancing its overall performance and speed. Performing routine checks — such as inspecting the garage door balance — lubricating the roller brackets with a socket wrench, and ensuring the tracks are free of debris can keep the doors running smoothly.

A garage door specialist from our team can address issues like loose bolts or badly worn garage door rollers, preventing the door from getting stuck or moving in reverse direction. Additionally, maintaining the auto-reverse feature, a basic but essential aspect of any garage door opener, is also vital. It guarantees the door’s safety and prevents accidents by stopping its movement if an obstacle is detected in the door’s path.

Greater Safety

Garage doors can become dangerous when dysfunctional, which is why getting them checked helps prevent them from reaching that point. Regular garage door maintenance, performed by our garage door professionals, helps foster safety. An expert from the Door Pros team can inspect the automatic opener’s chain, the release handle, and the photoelectric system. 

Identifying and resolving issues like broken strands in the torsion springs, malfunctioning pressure sensors, or improperly balanced doors are critical steps to prevent accidents and injuries. By keeping the rubber weatherstripping intact and addressing peeling paint or rust spots promptly, you can ensure your doors look good and function safely.

Preventing Problems

Beyond enhancing performance and safety, garage door maintenance is instrumental in catching potential problems early on. Regular inspections by our garage door professionals can identify issues such as worn-out roller brackets or malfunctioning track hardware. 

Detecting these problems before they escalate into extensive repairs can save you both time and money. Additionally, whether you have fiberglass or steel doors, keeping an eye on the condition of the bottom roller bracket and fixture is crucial. Early intervention in case of any issues ensures that your garage door operates flawlessly, preventing inconveniences and the need for emergency repairs.

Extends Lifespan

The longevity of your garage door can be strongly influenced by how well it’s maintained. Regular garage door maintenance, which involves addressing mechanical issues and preventing rust, is key to extending the door’s lifespan. A garage door specialist can apply lubrication to the torsion springs and other components, preventing them from becoming badly worn. 

Inspecting steel doors for rust spots and fiberglass doors for any signs of wear ensures that the door remains in tip-top shape. By addressing issues with the bottom roller bracket and fixture, a garage door professional ensures that your door operates efficiently — reducing the risk of premature wear and tear.

How Frequently Do Garage Doors Need Maintenance?

It’s best to have a garage door specialist perform a comprehensive inspection at least once a year, even if the door appears to be running smoothly. This routine check ensures that all components — from the opener’s chain to the roller fixture —are working properly. 

Additionally, regular maintenance allows professionals to manually lift the door and check for proper balance. The frequency of maintenance may vary based on usage and environmental factors, but maintaining a consistent schedule helps prevent unexpected issues and keeps your garage door in top-notch condition for years to come.

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