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Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair in Palm Desert, CA & the Coachella Valley

Garage door springs play a central role in the proper functioning of garage doors. As such, a broken spring can have a major impact on the performance of your doors and stand in the way of their reliability. However, with the assistance of our professional garage door repairs, your dysfunctional springs will become a problem of the past.

At Door Pros, our skilled technicians will diagnose the problem, perform the repairs, and ensure the seamless operation of your entire garage door system. Reach out today to schedule our repair services for your garage door.

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Signs That Your Garage Door Springs Need Repairs

Fast Closing Speed

When springs are functioning correctly, they provide controlled and gradual movement during door operation. However, if the spring tension is compromised or if there’s a broken garage door spring, the door may close rapidly. This poses a safety risk and may lead to accidents or damage to the garage door system. 

As such, fast closings are a potential sign that your garage door springs need repairs. Identifying this issue promptly and scheduling timely garage door spring replacement is essential to maintain the safe operation of your garage doors.

Incomplete Opening

Incomplete garage door openings can signal potential problems with the springs. Torsion garage door springs — when damaged or broken — can result in uneven movement, causing the door to stop before reaching its full open position. 

This issue not only affects the functionality of the garage door opener but also poses safety concerns. As a result, it is imperative to address such problems promptly to avoid further complications and restore the performance of your garage door system.

Crookedness and Misalignment

A crooked garage door is another indication that there’s something wrong with your garage door springs. Torsion springs, when unbalanced or broken, can cause the door to tilt to one side during operation. This misalignment not only affects the aesthetic appeal of the garage but also indicates potential risks. Promptly engaging in garage door spring replacement is essential to rectify the imbalance and prevent further damage to the garage door parts, including the torsion tube, cable drums, and lift cable stop.

Loud Noises and Banging

When torsion or extension springs are worn out or broken, the entire spring tension is compromised, leading to erratic movements and noise. As such, these loud sounds and banging noises are a sign that there are issues with the springs. 

Ignoring these audible signals can result in significant damage to the garage door system, and it may lead to accidents if not addressed promptly. Reaching out to our professional technicians will ensure the underlying issues are diagnosed and addressed efficiently — ensuring the safe and quiet operation of the door.

If Your Garage Door Springs Break, It’s Best to Call a Professional

Calling a professional for garage door spring repair is much safer than attempting to do it yourself. Garage door technicians possess the expertise to handle various spring-related issues, such as adjusting spring tension and addressing broken springs. Trying to perform the repairs without proper knowledge and tools can be hazardous, given the high tension involved in torsion springs. 

Our professionals use specialized equipment like winding bars and know the correct procedures to work on the garage door springs safely, including the left spring, right spring, and center bearing. Trusting the experts at Door Pros for garage door spring repair ensures the job is done efficiently, prevents accidents, and promotes the longevity of your garage door system.

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For Professional Garage Door Spring Repairs, Reach Out Today

When your garage door spring breaks and prevents you from accessing your garage, our dependable repair team will only be a phone call away. To learn more about our services and to schedule one for your garage doors, call the Door Pros team today.

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