March 18, 2024

Types of Weather-Stripping for Doors

From keeping out extreme temperatures to preventing drafts, properly installed weather-stripping has many benefits. However, given how there are many types of weather stripping to choose from, knowing which one is right for your home can be tricky. To make your decision easier, let’s take a look at four common kinds of weather-stripping and their benefits.


Foam tape weather-stripping — particularly made from closed-cell foam — offers a versatile and cost-effective method for sealing doors and enhancing energy efficiency. This type of weather stripping material creates a tight seal that prevents air leaks when properly installed around door frames and window sashes. After the installation, it effectively blocks airflow and helps maintain a comfortable environment inside.

Foam weather-stripping is best used in situations where there are irregular gaps since its compressibility allows it to conform to various spaces, ensuring an effective seal even in the presence of extreme temperatures. Not only does this improve comfort by eliminating drafts, but it also reduces energy bills by minimizing the need for excessive heating or cooling. Additionally, foam tape is ideal for both exterior doors and inoperable windows, providing a straightforward solution for homeowners looking to upgrade their insulation without extensive renovations.


Felt weather-stripping is a more economical and easy-to-install option for sealing gaps around doors and windows. This common material — often used along the bottom of the door or between the door and the door jamb — can be a simple yet effective way to improve energy efficiency. Felt weather-stripping is best applied in areas with light foot traffic, as it is less durable than other materials. 

However, it excels in interior applications, such as sealing double-hung windows or sliding window sashes, where the movement is frequent but not exposed to harsh outdoor conditions. For those looking to minimize cooling costs without a significant initial investment, felt offers an approachable starting point. Remember, while felt can bridge gaps and contribute to a more energy-efficient home, its performance over time in blocking airflow may necessitate more frequent replacements compared to more robust materials.


Rubber weather-stripping, particularly tubular rubber or EPDM rubber, provides a durable and highly effective solution for sealing doors against weather extremes. This weather stripping material is ideal for areas exposed to significant weather variations, offering a resilient barrier against air leaks and moisture. Rubber weather-stripping can be either self-adhesive or installed with screws in a door shoe or along a door sweep, creating a continuous strip that ensures a tight seal around door frames and even attic hatches. 

The elasticity of rubber makes it suitable for exterior doors, including sliding glass doors, where maintaining an energy-efficient seal is vital for controlling utility bills. When rubber weather-stripping is properly installed, it not only prevents drafts but also stands up to high foot traffic, making it an excellent choice for busy entryways.


V-strip, also known as tension seal, is a pliable metal or plastic strip folded into a ‘V’ shape that springs open to fill gaps, offering an excellent method for sealing doors and windows. This type of weather-stripping is best applied to the sides of a sliding window or the top and sides of a door, where its unique design allows it to effectively seal against air drafts without impeding the operation of the door or window.

V-strip weather-stripping is particularly useful in sealing the gaps that traditional weather-stripping materials might not address, such as the meeting rails of double-hung windows or the tracks of sliding glass doors. The self-stick plastic or metal strips are easy to install, requiring only a clean surface to properly adhere and provide an effective seal. By preventing air leaks, V-strip weather-stripping helps reduce energy bills and creates a more comfortable indoor environment, demonstrating its role as one of the best weather-stripping types for both efficiency and utility.

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