September 13, 2019

Is Your Sliding Glass Door No Longer a Smooth Operator?

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From decks to showers and more, we love how sliding glass doors help make our lives easier and our living spaces more functional—and beautiful. But what happens when your sliding glass door starts to stick or, worse yet, won’t even budge?

At Door Pros, we specialize in making your life run as smoothly as possible with our sliding glass door repair in Palm Springs—or wherever you call home. From residential to commercial customers, we’ve been in the business of repairing, replacing and installing all kinds of doors for more than 20 years. If you haven’t tried our affordable, reliable, exceptional products and craftsmanship, give us a call today!

Sometimes, a problem with your sliding glass door is easy to resolve. Here are several tips that could get you back on track—literally!

  1. Keep the track clean. Your sliding glass door has a track that helps keep the doors and roller wheels in place. Dirt, hair, soap scum and other gunk can build up in this track and prevent your doors from moving as smoothly as possible. Clean out the track using a toothbrush or other small, hard-bristled brush, such as a wire brush used to clean golf clubs. Make sure to vacuum up all of the loosened debris.
  2. Lubricate the track. Use a silicone-based spray to lubricate the track.
  3. Adjust the rollers. A standard sliding glass door has rollers that allow it to slide back and forth. These rollers are adjustable. Most doors have plastic caps that hide the hole that gives you access to the adjusting screws. You can pop off the caps using a steak knife or butter knife. Now, using a Phillips head screwdriver, turn the screws to move the height of the rollers up or down. You will need to experiment, but an adjustment of the screws can help the door glide more easily.

Of course, if you prefer a professional handling this problem from the outset or you’ve tried these suggestions and your door is still out of whack, give Doors Pros a call today. We’ll be happy to come knockin’ with our superior service. We’ve seen it all and fixed it all.

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