Garage Door Repair


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From keeping your vehicle safe to serving as your workshop and more, garages are invaluable to families and businesses. Equally invaluable are reliable, properly working garage doors.

Most people open and close their garage doors numerous times a day. Over time, this consistent use will cause your garage door to act up.

When this happens, there’s no need to come unhinged. Door Pros, the leading garage door repair company in the Coachella and Temecula Valley, is here to help! We service Palm Springs Indian Wells, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Indio, Temecula, Murrieta, and Menifee.

At Door Pros, we don’t just shut the door on faulty garage door operation. We slam it! That’s because we’re the experts at performing swift and reliable overhead garage door repairs. No matter what garage door repair service is needed, we give you our word that we’ll size up and fix the problem properly—and we’ll do so right away!


You might be tempted to try to fix your garage door yourself, but garage doors are complex mechanisms. Repairing them isn’t as easy as some people think. In fact, from Palm Desert to Rancho Mirage to Indian Wells to La Quinta, our garage door repair company has the experience and skills to fix whatever challenges you face with your garage door.

Here are some of the most common:

It’s Refusing to Open or Close

Whether your garage door is getting stuck halfway or won’t budge at all, you don’t need this kind of aggravation. Your problem might be addressed with a quick repair. Or, perhaps you need a replacement. Either way, our garage door repair company will help you find the right solution.

It’s Making Excessive Noise

Garage doors can be noisy — especially older ones. If your garage door’s creaking or straining becomes excessive, then you might have a problem with the springs, the opener bracket, or the opener itself. These are issues you don’t want to stay quiet about!

It Came Off Its Tracks

One key to worry-free garage door operation is staying on track—literally. However, from an aged door to one that’s bent out of shape, you can’t keep a garage door on its tracks if it’s in poor condition. When this happens, there’s only one way to get your door operating smoothly again. That is, open your door to our garage door repair services.

It’s Not Balanced

In life, staying balanced will help you avoid a lot of headaches. The same stands true for your garage door. Better yet, checking whether your garage door is balanced or not gives you the ability to shut the door on potential overhead garage door repairs before they come knocking. So, once a month, disconnect the garage door opener from the door. 

This will allow you to manually open and close it. Next, position your door so that it’s in between open and closed. Now, release it. Your door shouldn’t budge. If it slides down or rises, it’s an indication that you’ll need garage door repair service soon. So, ring us right away.

It’s Responding Slowly — or Not at All

After pressing your garage door opener, your garage door should open or close within a second or two. If there’s a delay in its response time, it means something is amiss with your opener or your door. If this happens, contact our overhead garage door repair company right away! The quicker you address a problem, the more likely the garage door repair service your door needs will stay in line with your budget.

It Shakes or Makes Unexpected Movements

For many reasons (safety being among the most important), garage doors need to operate smoothly. If your garage door shakes, it’s typically an indicator that it contains broken parts that are causing it to move unevenly. The same can be said for a garage door that hesitates when you open or close it. These jerking movements could lead to a complete collapse, which can be disastrous. Getting your garage door inspected immediately is your best chance at an affordable repair rather than a costlier garage door replacement.

Your Energy Bills Are on the Rise

When energy bills spike, most people believe their heating and cooling systems are the culprits. But, there’s a third suspect. It’s your garage door. If you have an older garage door, then chances are it’s using more energy than necessary. Newer models are far more energy efficient, helping you to save money in the long run.

If Your Garage Door Needs Repairs, It’s Best to Call a Professional

It’s Much Safer

When it comes to garage door repairs, opting for professional assistance is a much smarter choice than trying to fix it yourself. One of the key advantages lies in the fact that skilled technicians from a reputable garage door company like ours possess the expertise to safely address a diverse range of repair needs. In instances of a broken garage door spring or malfunctioning torsion springs, professionals are well-versed in executing repairs without hurting themselves by accident.

Attempting DIY repairs on broken springs or other garage door components without the necessary knowledge can lead to a potential injury, which is why it’s better to leave complex fixes to experts. By reaching out to our professional garage door services and leaving the repairs in the hands of the Door Pros team, you can mitigate and avoid damage to both yourself and your home.

Experts Know What to Do

While the allure of DIY projects may be tempting, the reality is that garage door repairs can be incredibly complicated. As such, calling in our skilled technicians for your garage door servicing ensures that every problem is properly taken care of.

As a professional garage door service provider, we have the necessary tools and experience to reliably diagnose and rectify a variety of problems — whether it’s an issue with the closing mechanism or the need for a garage door replacement. Our team’s experience is particularly evident when dealing with repair needs that demand immediate attention, like dysfunctional garage door springs. As such, going the professional route guarantees a more reliable and lasting solution to your garage door troubles.

Pros Get the Job Done Fast

When faced with garage door malfunctions, opting for professional assistance will ensure that the problem is resolved sooner rather than later. The expertise of our skilled technicians allows them to quickly identify the problem with your garage door system and perform the necessary repairs efficiently.

Whether it’s the replacement of broken springs or addressing issues preventing the door from closing properly, our professionals possess the knowledge and equipment to get your doors up and running again in no time. Getting your garage door serviced by experts like us will not only lead to faster results but also bring peace of mind — knowing that your garage door is serviced by those with the skill and know-how to keep it in top-notch condition.

Knock, Knock! Help Is Here!

In the Coachella Valley, Door Pros delivers the most dependable garage door repair services around. But that’s not all that’s behind our company’s doors. From weather stripping services to sliding door repairs, we’re experts at handling any type of door service our residential and commercial clients need.

For you, our door is always open. Go ahead and give us a ring. We’ll come knocking with our top-quality repairs in no time.