July 9, 2020

There’s Plenty of Summer Fun in Your Own Backyard

Door Pros Offers 6 Safe and Enjoyable Ideas

The latest uptick in COVID-19 cases has affected summer vacations for many residents of Southern California. Cruises, overseas excursions, family reunions and beach trips have been canceled or put on hold for health and safety reasons.

So, how do we stay safe while still recharging our batteries and having a good time? One answer is to slow down and recenter. Your friends at Door Pros are experts in everything doors—from garage door repairs in Palm Springs to exterior home door installations in Indian Wells. But we’d also like to share a few (non-door-related) ideas that might help you focus more on what you can gain this summer than on what you may have lost.

  1. Take a hike. Although many popular hiking places, such as the Coachella Valley Preserve are closed until further notice, there are plenty of places you can explore while socially distancing, including your own neighborhood. Some people we know have used this time to amp up their exercise routines and even drop a few pounds. These walks also offer a unique opportunity to snap some striking photos of interesting flowers, architecture and more.
  2. Be mindful. Do you meditate? Health experts say it’s a great way to slow down, reconnect and recenter yourself. This pandemic has wreaked havoc on many of us. Meditating is an effective way to relieve stress and refocus on the things that matter most. You can learn some of the basics here.
  3. Treat yourself to takeout. Ordering takeout from your favorite area restaurant isn’t just a treat for you. It’s a way to support your community. Purchasing gift cards for birthdays and other celebrations are another way to support any local business that you love.
  4. Watch the birdy. Bird watching from a favorite spot in your backyard—or even from an ideal perch inside your home—is fun, relaxing and educational. Keep track of each species you see, especially any rare or particularly breathtaking breeds.
  5. Wonder at the night sky. Stargazing is another fantastic way to explore the beauty of our world. Joshua Tree National Park is an ideal place for stargazing, but, before you head out, make sure to check the website to see if the park is still open. This park also offers virtual experiences that your family will enjoy.
  6. Make memories with the ones you love. Most important of all, staying close to home allows us to enjoy the people who mean everything to us but we sometimes take for granted. From game nights to movie marathons to dance parties and more, spending time with those we love is one of the best ways to refresh our perspective and re-energize.

No-Touch Service Calls Keep Us All Safe!

Now, we’ll get back to doing what we do best, which includes garage door repairs in La Quinta and sliding door services in Rancho Mirage. We continue to offer our popular no-touch service call option. To schedule yours, call us at 760.360.9300 or contact us online.