December 6, 2019

Give Your Sliding Glass Doors the Attention They Deserve

Count on Door Pros to Refurbish Your Slider

You love your sliding glass doors. They allow natural light to pour into your indoor space and brighten up everything. They offer easy access to your outdoor space along with panoramic views of your little corner of the world.

But your doors have been used hard over the years. Now, you need to put more muscle into it when you open and close your sliders. Plus, the locks don’t seem as secure as they once were, leaving you feeling vulnerable in your own home. You’re wondering if you should invest in replacements or if sliding glass door repairs in your Palm Springs home will do the trick.

At Door Pros, we’re experts in quality refurbishment. We’ll come knockin’ at your front door with our top-notch repair services. We’ll provide you with a thorough inspection of your sliding glass doors and honest answers about their condition. We’ll help you consider all of the factors, including:

  1. Are there gaps between your doors or the frame that are creating drafts?
  2. Do heavy rainstorms cause leaking near your doors?
  3. Are your glass panes drawing moisture and fogging up?
  4. Are your doors becoming difficult to open and shut?
  5. Have the tracks of your doors become misaligned?
  6. Are the rollers of your sliding glass door covered in a buildup of grime?
  7. Is the frame of your doors damaged?
  8. Is your door’s weatherstripping cracked or worn out?

We will never try to talk you into a costlier replacement when our exceptional repair services will do the trick. However, if a replacement door is the wisest decision, we can make recommendations that include wow factors. The latest styles and features can improve the appearance of your home, increase your safety, reduce noise and lower your heating and cooling bills.

If you’ve had the same doors for a long time, you’ll be impressed with the choices and features that today’s updated sliding glass doors offer. You can choose from a variety of styles and materials, including insect-resistant and rot-resistant wood, clad wood (wood inside, metal outside), vinyl and aluminum.

When it comes to style, your choices include two, three or four panels and even a pet-friendly narrow panel. You can choose designs that allow you to open your sliders from the right or the left. The latest sliders are more energy efficient, feature greater impact resistance and can provide you and your loved ones with UV protection. Plus, you also can opt for double-paned, textured or tempered glass.

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