November 5, 2020

We Specialize in Roll-Up Doors for Every Business

Our Choices Are Durable—and Attractive!

For many businesses in the Palm Desert area, roll-up doors are the smart choice because they are both functional and attractive. These sturdy doors are made of steel or aluminum slats that are locked together, rolling up and down as a unit instead of swinging up or out on a track like other doors.

From roll-up models to sectionals and more, Door Pros is the team that can help your business choose the commercial door that is the best option for you. We’re also the skilled technicians you can depend on for quick, reliable and affordable commercial door repairs in Palm Springs and nearby communities.

Roll-up doors are an extremely popular choice for businesses, including retailers, factories and warehouses, because they are highly durable and low maintenance. There are plenty of other reasons why this style is so appealing to commercial operations, including:

  • Secure: When you lock up at the end of the business day, you will have greater peace of mind with a steel or aluminum roll-up door. That’s because it’s sturdy and offers added protection from burglars or vandals. Its flexible sheet of metal is more difficult to penetrate compared with the wooden or composite panels of other doors.
  • Durable: Roll-up doors are designed to withstand about 20 cycles of opening and closing a day. They are made to avoid bending, warping and rusting. Plus, they can withstand punishing weather, including pounding rain and sizzling high temperatures.
  • Low Maintenance: Because they don’t have as many moving parts as more conventional doors, roll-up doors are super low maintenance. Typically, all you need to do is wash them off periodically to keep them functioning at their best.
  • Safe: With roll-up doors, the springs are enclosed, which makes them much less vulnerable to damage, breakage and unexpected falls from above. For added protection, the team at Door Pros can equip your doors with sensors to prevent them from closing on people or items in their path.
  • Insulated: It’s easy to insulate these doors, too, which can help save on energy costs. Warehouses or businesses that need climate-controlled indoor spaces often choose roll-up doors for this reason.

Roll-up garage doors are an ideal choice for auto repair shops, storage operations, loading docks, retail storefronts (for after-hours) and more. They are available in three thicknesses: light, medium and heavy-duty gauge. They come in a variety of dimensions to fit your unique space.

Not so crazy about steel and aluminum? You can choose glass or wood, too! Plus, roll-up doors are available in a variety of colors—including white, gray, blue, tan, brown and red—to make your door not just functional but also eye-catching.

From commercial door installation, maintenance and repairs in Palm Springs to custom garage door services in Palm Desert, Door Pros is the expert you should call. To schedule an appointment or to learn more, call us at 760.360.9300 or contact us online.